The residents of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, were shocked after a man identified as Pascal Dube stabbed his wife, Ms Aquiline Sadziwa, 34 times with a kitchen knife before smashing her head in with a large rock.


The couple were separated and also learned that Sadiwa was at his home when Dube committed the heinous crime around 9:00 p.m. on April 22. The cause of the attack is still unknown, and Dube continues to flee after going missing from a suspected crime.


During the attack, the couple’s son was tied to Ms Sadziwa’s back and, although unharmed, was covered in blood.


Speaking at a ceremony at the scene, Mr Tonderayi Chingonzo, Ms Sadiwa’s uncle, announced that police had discovered 21 stab wounds when he arrived at the scene.


However, they discovered 13 more when the body was taken to the morgue at Bulawayo United Hospitals for an autopsy.


Chingonzo said Sadiwa was stabbed until the knife blade came loose from the handle. He described the attack as something he had never seen before. “Not even an animal can be killed like that,” he said.


When police arrived at the scene, they found a large rock next to Ms Sadiva’s body, which Dube allegedly used to crush her head.Devastated by the brutality of the crime, Mr Chingonzo sobbed as he recalled the ordeal. “I wonder what damage my niece did to deserve such a brutal murder,” she said.

Sadziwa’s father, Mr. Michał Sadziwa, also applied for the case to be dropped. He is upset that the Dube family has not spoken to them since his daughter’s death. “It’s cultural for them to come and apologize. They have not. I’m surprised that no one from his (Pascal’s) family came to talk to us for more than two weeks. It occurs to me that maybe it was a well-ordered relationship with his family.


Why don’t you come and talk to me and apologize? i want closureI want to know what crime my daughter committed to deserve such an agonizing death,” she said.

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