The Anambra State Police Department charged a 75 year old man, Albert Elgbue, with forcing a widow, Patricia Elgbue, to drink water used to wash the body of her husband’s nephew. 


Elliggue, from the Ogbaru State Local Government area, was arraigned on Wednesday 10 May 2023 in SGBV Court in Awka, the state capital. 


During the trial, prosecutor Inspector Onyema Ayogu told the court that the defendant was accused of forcing his widow and sister-in-law to drink the water used to wash the body of her dead brother-in-law as evidence of her innocence in his death.

Ayogu said the defendant was charged with five counts, including conspiracy to commit a crime and assault, an offense punishable under Sections 495(a) and 190 of the Criminal Code. Cap 36 Vol. 11 of Acts magazine from Anambra, Nigeria. 1991


Elligbue pleaded not guilty to five charges against him. 


However, in 


Justice of the Peace Geneviève Osakwe granted the accused £500,000 bail with a guarantee that he was the traditional leader or President-General of the Atani community. 


The lawsuit was adjourned to June 7, 2023. 

A widow who shared her ordeal with the Anambra State Commissioner for Women and Welfare, Hon Ify Obinabo, said she had lost her husband long ago. 


She noted that while she was from Obe Agwa, her husband was from Atani, both from the local government region of Ogbaru State.


She added that after her husband’s death, she was subjected to all kinds of abuse, ranging from her husband’s family to being called a witch and other forms of physical abuse. 

According to her, one day her husband’s brothers attacked her and her only son and allegedly started beating them, claiming that she was responsible for all the misfortunes that befell them. 


He said that after this incident, relatives rushed to his aid. Although she was supposed to go with her family, her husband’s family members refused, saying she had to stay until her husband’s late nephew’s funeral. 


The widow explained that on the day of the funeral she was called to the room where the body that had been killed by a certain Mr. Albert, Godwin, Ozoemina and Onyeàmà was kept. said he placed a saber on the deceased’s body and asked her to trample it four times, which she did before washing the body and giving it water to drink before pouring the residue over it. 


The widow explained that she was also accused of killing the deceased. In response to the unfortunate incident, Mr Obinabo indicated that even if the alleged perpetrators were arrested, he would ensure that the law was fully enforced. 

The commissioner went further and warned everyone against any form of traditional practice harmful to widows in the state, as such it will not be tolerated. After an investigation by reporters, it was found that the deceased had died at his sister’s house somewhere near Ozubulu after a short illness. 


It was also established that the event began with the sister-in-law’s dream in which she claimed to have seen Signora Patrizia strangling the deceased. The perpetrators were arrested.

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