We Nigerians are the problems of ourselves. We derive pleasure in suffering our own countrymen due to greed and selfish gains.


Barely 24 hours in office as the new President of our great nation, President Bola Tinubu has made a speech on removing subsidies from petroleum products.


He made this known to the general public yesterday during his inaugural speech at the new President where he stated that “subsidy is gone”. Immediately after making that speech, petroleum dealers and marketers increased the prices of their products, some even closed their filling stations so as to stockpile their products thereby causing artificial scarcity.


It is gathered that “pms” is now sold from N380 to N600 in some areas in the country. The prices of local transportation has skyrocketed, food commodities in the markets and other essentials has also been increased.

This is a result of just an inaugural speech, documents has not been signed yet petroleum dealers have already increased prices of petroleum products and some hoarding the prices.


With the increase of the products, getting to buy it is difficult. Filling stations are filled with queues of people wanting to buy. This is coming shortly after the scarcity of the naira notes. Are we not tired suffering ourselves in this country?.

We had earlier posted how Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State ordered owners of filling stations in the state to open and sell their products, that if they fail to do so, their businesses will be confiscated and given to other individuals ready to adhere to the rules.


Giving a speech on the removal of fuel subsidy as an inaugural speech is unfair to Nigerians, there are more subtle ways to implement the removal in the cause of his administration as the President because measures need to be placed to avoid these scarcity.

Check out reactions from some Nigerians online:


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