A tube of deodorant was pulled from a man’s stomach after he stuck it up his ass.


An unidentified 30 year old Iranian man called for help two hours after inserting the cartridge into his rectum.


The doctors who treated him and then published his story in a medical journal found that he had complained of aching abdominal pains.


He confessed to having previously had an “uncomplicated” insertion of a foreign body into the rectum, the purpose of which was unclear.


Detailed examinations of his anus found no evidence of trauma, bleeding or lacerations, the team wrote in the Visual Journal of Emergency Medicine.


The man was in too much pain to undergo a rectal exam, so doctors had to rely on X-rays to determine where the box was. He was then taken to the operating room of the emergency room at Tehran Medical University.


On the same day, surgeons made an incision in the abdomen and removed the cartridge.


He spent another day in hospital and consulted a psychiatrist before being sent home.

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