Verydarkman released from prison.

Very Dark Man has been released from prison on bail, and his next hearing set for 16th December, 2024.

The controversial social media activist was all smiles, while walking free in the premises of the court where his bail was granted.

Recall that about two weeks ago, Very Dark Man’s request for bail was denied in court, and after that, the courts went on a short strike, alongside other public parastatals in the country.

Very Dark Man’s frequent visits to the courts and prison cells in the year 2024 revolves around statements he has made on social media.

His first arrest of the year bordered on the fact that he said all the top Police officers are gay, and that they had amorous relationships with Bobrisky who is currently in prison.

When Very Dark Man was released from prison a few months ago, he claimed that the statement he made was a bait to get arrested, so that Bobrisky could also get arrested later on.

The beef between Very Dark Man and Bobrisky thickened after the activist got back from jail. Shortly after, Bobrisky got arrested for Naira mutilation, and Very Dark Man was extremely pleased.

He went on to file a petition against Bobrisky, claiming that the popular cross dresser publicly engaged in amorous relationships with his fellow men.

While Very Dark Man has been on Bobrisky’s neck for a hot minute, he has also been busy, helping others out of tough situations, and calling out other people.

When popular influencer Nickie Dabarbie got arrested a few weeks ago because of her allegations against Skiibii, Very Dark Man advocated for her release, and even sent a lawyer to help her out.

Sadly, he was behind bars when she obtained her freedom from kiririki prison, in which she spent a few weeks.

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