Happy International Women’s Day to my ladies.

We know After God na we.

God bless us, women.

Let’s be guided, as we Honor Women, we don’t push for things wise women know.

We know that because we are strong and great, it doesn’t mean we don’t respect our husbands.

Because we do so much, it doesn’t mean we don’t value the value the men bring to the table.

Our children need both parents because 2 is better than 1.

We want our voices to be heard, which doesn’t mean only our voices should be heard.

We shouldn’t need to demand respect, but it should be reciprocal. Don’t lose your respect because you are looking for respect.

Let’s not for who we are; we are the nurturing species, and the creator has given us Divine powers to enrich our seeds and communities with love, care, wisdom, educate do much more let us not lose our focus. Let’s stay guided.

Ade Ladeinde.

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