Lukman Raji and Murphy Afolabi

Lukman Raji has recounted his childhood memories with his late childhood friend, Murphy Afolabi.

In a post on his Instagram page, Lukman Raji revealed that he and Murphy have been friends from childhood as they both hailed from the same community in Osogbo.

He disclosed that before they got into the entertainment industry, they both went through a struggle together before they conceived the idea of establishing a theatre group.

Despite the several misunderstandings they had, they always found a way to reconcile.

Speaking on Murphy’s personality, he described the deceased as a kind-hearted person who never kept grudges and always let go of troubles.

“Murphy was my friend right from childhood, we both hail from the same community in Osogbo. Before we got into the Entertainment Industry. We went through the struggle together before we conceived the idea of establishing a Theatre group, with few colleagues. We had several misunderstandings, but we always found a way to reconcile. You are a kind-hearted person, that doesn’t keep grudges, and lets go of troubles. It’s very painful that it was when we had to start bonding, bringing the whole old friends together again towards greater achievements in the industry, that death took you away from us. I pray that the almighty Allah grants you aljanah firdaus Olawale Murphy Afolabi.

I always miss you Omo Afolabi”.

“I spoke to Murphy Afolabi 30mins before he died, he predicted his death” Adebayo Tijani makes new revelation

Similarly, actor, Adebayo Tijani had revealed his last conversation with the late actor.

In an interview with Goldmyne TV during his funeral, he claimed that he had spoken to Murphy Afolabi 30 minutes before his death and Murphy had predicted his death.

Adebayo revealed that Murphy made some statements about death during their conversation but he didn’t read meaning to it because Murphy was being his usual jovial self.

He further revealed that Murphy had called him to take some of the clothes he used for his birthday shoot and had sent money for their contribution earlier than usual. He added that Murphy said he didn’t know what would happen the next day or the next minute. Read more here.

Murphy Afolabi passed on on May 14th.

The sad news of his death was made known by his colleague, Tunde Ola Yusuf on his Instagram page.

The Yoruba actor had sustained injuries after slipping in his bathroom and hitting his head on a hard surface.

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